Rosanne Dingli

Rosanne Dingli

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Prize for napping

Priceless! Caught napping, and rewarded for it. Yes, it's true, this blog was not updated for weeks. Closed my eyes for an instant and BAM! There went a month... or two. Rumpelstiltskin has nothing on me. So I get this badge, widget, gong ... call it what you like, I like it.

Prizes are useful. Although I have been given a few crackers in my life, such as real crackers, books, chocolate, coins, jewellery, bottles of wine, gift vouchers, and assorted thank-you cards, I just love being rewarded for this blog. Thank you Dan Mader, of Avoiding the Stairs fame. Wait a minute... of Joe Cafe fame. And The Biker fame.

Now I must tell the world what I do to relax: it's no secret. This is not a closet thing I do. The whole world already knows that I sudoku.  (Yes, it is a verb, like google is a verb. No, dust is not a verb - not in this house, anyway.)

Let me tell you a bit about Sudoku. It's a puzzle of Japanese origin that consists of filling 81 squares or tiles with single digits. The puzzles come in books, one puzzle to a page, which I pull out of my bag at every opportunity to while away the time. Mental gymnastics of the non-verbal kind can be very relaxing, especially if you work with words, like I do.

They are also provided online, by people hell-bent on distracting others from their legitimate occupations. One of my favourites is the daily one at Fingertime.

The thing is, Sudoku makes you look clever, because half the world still doesn't know it's not mathematical. The numbers in this game are just symbols. One could use punctuation marks to the same effect, but that would feel too much like work.

My obligation is almost fulfilled! All I need to do now is inflict the same reward on five other deserving bloggers. Although it might sound easy, it's harder than a Sudoku puzzle. I can't find any bloggers who have not recently (or relatively recently) updated their blogs, so it's going to be a merit award for me. I apologize in advance for the link-hunting they will have to do in return for a bit of publicity.

Mark Hunter
Stuart Aken
Noelene Jenkinson
Tim Greaton   and
Kat Jordan

you're it!

Have a go at this pass the parcel stunt, and enjoy all the extra clicks.

[I did not create the award image, so spellings are not mine.]

If you have anything to say about spellings, awards, napping, Sudoku, verbs or work, do by all means leave a comment.

Thanks again, Dan!

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