Rosanne Dingli

Rosanne Dingli

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Holding a new book

We all like new books. There's nothing like holding a nice crisp edition in the hand. Everyone loves the feel and smell of a real book, and it's true - nothing beats the experience.

In the hand! Camera Obscura
For authors, this is doubly true. Ripping open the packaging the postman brings, to reveal your latest release, is something not everyone can do. Authors are special people and books are special objects. Riffling the 300-odd pages of a new book, knowing all those words were hard-won and took immeasurable time to put together, is not something everyone can feel.

Ebooks too are special - we are living the dream. Authors and readers now arre at the pointy end of innovation in the book world. I doubt there was ever a time when more reading was done. Authors and publishers everywhere are staggered by the speed of innovation and change.

BeWrite Books have come up with a sophisticated cover for Camera Obscura. It is sleek: the lens shutter image seems to capture its focus, photography. The life of a photojournalist turned upside-down by the explosive entry into his life of a mysterious woman is explored through his actions in a unique adventure.

Stay with me as I ride the roller-coaster of this novel's first year. Perhaps you might catch a glimpse of what it means to be an author in the grip of the market's fickle movements. What it means to read the impressions of readers as they trickle in. What it means to have to return to the draft-pad... because surely, this is a cycle, and it's got to happen all over again.

Have a look at Camera Obscura, and let me know your initial impression, whether you are another author relating to all this, or a reader wondering what all the fuss is about.