Rosanne Dingli

Rosanne Dingli

Friday, January 28, 2011

Vision or Delusion

I have done something I have always wanted to do: upload an eBook at It was not as complicated as it might have been. Not fiddly at all. The Kindle guys have made it rather simple, and anyone can do it. It's a historical novella based on the history of photography in Belgium, titled Vision or Delusion. I researched it a long time ago, and it has undergone a number of rewrites.

Now that it's up and selling, I can sit back and think of other books I might put up. I have three collections of short stories whose rights have reverted to me, since they went out of print. But who buys and reads short stories these days? Well, apparently quite a few people. They go nicely with the eBook concept of being able to read a whole discrete story in one sitting.

It would be nice to hear from writers and readers alike what they think of short stories. What is the ideal number of stories to put in a collection, for example - and should they be thematically linked?

If you are a reader, tell me whether short stories are your thing. If you write, let me know whether literary short stories still go down well. Is there a readership for them?

You can also give me your opinion about my latest venture - do you like the cover of Vision and Delusion? Have you been to visit its page at


  1. I absolutely love short stories. Particularly nowadays when time is in such short supply, being able to get a short break from reality that doesn't require a lot of invested time to get a full reolution to the story is great. I am quite partial to short story collections that stay well heeled to a common genre or theme, mostly sci-fi and humor.

  2. You're right, Paul, the short story seems to fit the way we live now. I have dozens of them, in three volumes whose right have returned to me. I think I'll put them up on Kindle and see what happens.