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Rosanne Dingli

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Only if you live in Perth

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Yes, I'm writing a post for residents of one city, and one city only. Perth - the great little city on the shores of the Indian Ocean, which is bisected in more ways than just geographically by the Swan River.

If you nod at all this and know where I am, and love it because you are here too, this blog post is for you. This is a special invitation to all residents of Perth who love a great story, and who would like to experience a new kind of book launch.

Perhaps a first for our city, capital of Western Australia, the celebration for According to Luke, my new thriller, will be an exhibition launch. I am working with award-winning local artist Robyn Varpins, who was very taken with the visual aspects in the narrative. According to Luke is packed with art. There are pre-Byzantine icons, sacred representations, sculptures and reverential paintings. Robyn has taken them and interpreted them in her inimitable way. She has used timber supports and thrown sculptures with a very special kind of clay so sympathetic to the way she works that it renders her sculptures tactile - exquisite.

Over the whole weekend from May 26 to May 29, Perth art lovers and readers are invited to visit this new concept of linking the visual and literary arts. I shall be reading from According to Luke every day, chatting with visitors and enjoying meeting family, friends and fans. Robyn will demonstrate her art, and a spot of music will be audible in the background. Those who attend on Thursday can celebrate with us.

Many of you already know what According to Luke is about. Some readers have already posted reviews - there are many all over the Internet, especially on Amazon, which is where most people look first. This will be an opportunity to meet me, if you haven't already, and the artist who has so accurately interpreted the words in the book to come up with reverential yet mysterious works of art.

An invitation has been devised for you. It can be viewed and printed from this source. I look forward to meeting as many readers as possible during the length of the exhibition launch. Paintings, sculptures and signed books will be available for purchase. See you there!

Venue: Colour Lust Art Space  1-3 Coventry Parade, North Fremantle
Opening times on invitation.

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