Rosanne Dingli

Rosanne Dingli

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Promotions and awards

It pays to promote - creators of some sort of product know that well. Authors find the need to promote their books an understandable task: it is necessary, yet can prove daunting, puzzling and demands a different kind of mindset. Finding like-minded authors, who see promotion the way you like to think of it, is not an easy task either. Sharing successes and woes is necessary in the new game that's opened up to independent authors and those who publish with small presses.

Publicity comes at a price, and that is time and trouble. But when one is unexpectedly awarded with a nomination, apart from the surprise that comes out of the blue, one is flattered, and made to feel glad. The message is getting out, and some are reading my blog almost as soon as it hits the ether. Thank you, Dan Nader, of Avoiding the Stairs - you have surprised and gladdened me with this nomination. I must say I display this bright green badge with pride. And joy. And gratitude.

It could not have come at a better time.

It comes with a set of instructions: I must nominate other blogs, and I must divulge seven things about myself as an author. Hm - not an easy thing to do, since what I know about myself is not exactly riveting or the sort of thing one can put in a blog with impunity. Let's have a try regardless:

1. I have a real knack for wrapping presents. I proved it several times this week.

2. I never wear necklaces - the only thing I hang around my neck are glasses.

3. I am a very slow reader, and rarely read more than a few pages at a time. The right-left eye movement sends me to sleep like nothing else can.

4. Very hot weather is appalling. I'm a cool weather type. Having Christmas in hot weather is not exactly ideal.

5. I love music, and try to include it in my writing. Not always easy, but the effort is worth it. To find out what I like, read my fiction!

6. I used to be a heraldic artist, so I can draw a lion rampant or a griffin couchant in a space smaller than an inch square.

7. I'm the calmest of creatures in a traffic jam, and I can wait a long time for things to arrive in the mail, but I can't wait for release of my forthcoming thriller, Camera Obscura.

Now to nominate five more deserving bloggers for the Versatile award. This is very very difficult, so bear with me while I think. These are places where I read and comment frequently.

Drumroll ...

Pic from
1. Helen V's Imagine Me at Clarion South

2. Mark Hunter's Slightly Off the Mark

3. Stuart Aken's  Daily Word Blogs

4. Mark Nichol's Daily Writing Tips

5. Tom Kepler's Writing Blog

There - that wasn't so hard. Now I must let these guys know. If you know them and already read these blogs, pass on the good news. If you have never heard of them, now's the time - click over to their neck of the woods, and enjoy the read.

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  1. Congrats Rosanne on a well deserved award and for turning it into an interesting blog. Wish I had a knack for wrapping presents!

  2. Rosanne,

    Well done on the blog award. You certainly choose a wide variety of topics to chat about. Always entertaining.

  3. Congratulations Rosanne, a well-deserved award. And what you forgot to add in your 7 things was that you are an inspiration to the rest of us writers who are still finding their way around cyber space.

  4. Plaudits a-plenty Rosanne! Your blog is always very interesting, largely because of the variety of topics and the slant you take to each. And I've just now looked quickly at the blogs you nominated: all well worth further visits.

  5. Congrats, Rosanne -- and thanks for passing it on! I'm flattered.

  6. Maggie - you have a knack for writing some very interesting things... never mind the wrapping!!

    Thanks, Noelene. I know you pop in every now and then. Regular visitors are like gold and you glitter and glow!

    Oh Shirley - thanks so much. Passing on what I learn from others seems the least I could do.

    Stephen - there is so much out there that finding something is never a problem. I'm so glad you keep coming back for more.

    Mark - your blog deserves all the praise and visitors you can get... and I bet you get plenty of both.

  7. Congrats on the award, Rosanne.Had to laugh at the first 3 of your 7 things where you and I are complete opposites.But I agreed with no 4 and appreciated the other blog suggestions which I will check out.

  8. Dale, I am so glad you visited. All authors are similar in some respects, but when I comes to hot weather, most would disagree with me. It takes an Australian to understand the difficulty of writing in 45 degree heat.