Rosanne Dingli

Rosanne Dingli

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

4 aspects that make you a brilliant reader

You're a reader, I'm a reader ... everyone's a reader, baby - that's the truth. Well, in our bookish world everyone is. But readers ain't readers - they come in all varieties. And there are aspects that distinguish the ho-hum from the brilliant.

So - are you a brilliant reader? And what makes one shine?

1. You understand genres
Readers who understand genres, categories, and ways in which books are grouped in libraries, in bookshops, and on book retailers' sites find books easily. When they finish one book, they can quickly find another to start on, by similar authors, in a similar category, in a similar style.

2. You seek authors who are consistent and prolific
Avoiding disappointment as a reader can be tricky - it either means you stick very closely to what you know, without taking risks on new and unknown authors, or you randomly 'pick from the pile' - which sometimes dashes expectations and leaves you dissatisfied. Having a list of authors who have rewarded you, and knowing their books come regularly and satisfyingly good is valuable. It saves time and money.

3. You thank your favourite authors
Money is rarely enough for authors. They love to hear their readers enjoy what they write. It's hard lonely work, which is often unrewarding. A review on a popular site, even if it is a two-line comment, makes a huge difference. A brilliant reader lets authors know how they're doing.

4. You are perceptive and selective
Brilliant readers don't read anything and everything. Sharp and focussed readers assess books carefully, understand what they like best, seek it out in astute ways, and choose well. A brilliant reader keeps an ear to the ground for good releases. Staying aware of what favourite authors are doing, following their blogs, awaiting their releases, and discussing books and writers on social media is a great aspect. It makes a reader confident that the next book they choose is one they'll finish, one they've chosen carefully ... one they'll definitely enjoy.

Be a brilliant reader. 
What makes you one? Leave a comment with an aspect I haven't mentioned.
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