Rosanne Dingli

Rosanne Dingli

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

How to Announce a Winner

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Big announcement
It is very tempting to write a title that goes something along the lines of "And the winner is...!" or to attach a sound file with a big trumpet fanfare. But this, after all, was a small giveaway. All the participants want to know is whether they were the one whose name was drawn out of the hat.
It had to be a big hat! 
Up for grabs was a copy of Death in Malta in paperback, remember? The emails came thick and fast at first, and then dwindled to a stop, with one straggler coming in just before I closed the draw at midnight on October 31.

I have used a special raffle software called The Hat. It's a nifty little program that's great for teachers and large families! 
The prize
So let's cut to the chase and put the winner up in big letters.
Margaret Sutherland
         Congratulations, Margaret - the book is on its way to you by snail mail.
Those of you who have missed out will be glad to hear there will be another similar draw closer to Christmas.
See you all again then.
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  1. Congratulations Margaret!

    Enjoy :D

    Laine D.

  2. Congratulations Margaret. I was one who meant to enter and then never got around to it. Ah well, glad it went to someone I know, at least from online.

  3. More to come before Christmas, Dale. Thanks for following this.

  4. Thanks for coming back, Laine, and remember there's another raffle before Christmas.