Rosanne Dingli

Rosanne Dingli

Sunday, March 13, 2011

According to Luke appears on

Two or more years' solid work culminates in a great deal of excitement when a book finally emerges into the real world. There! All the agonizing over characters, all the fiddling with plot and sub-plots. All the research into locations, artefacts, scriptures, names and procedures.  All the fiddly decisions about adverbs and ellipses.

It has come to fruition, and According to Luke has emerged on
In the coming weeks, it will come up at all the other Amazon storefronts, many online bookstores such as the Book Depository,  and the eBook will of course emerge as well. By March 29, the official launch day, it will be everywhere. There will also be a full front page dedication at BeWrite Books, the publishers.

This release sets off a mad media flurry, a number of reviews and interviews, and of course, a physical launch. All will be revealed in due course. I'll be writing about it as it happens.
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  1. Great, well done, nice to see it is out now. Congratulations!