Rosanne Dingli

Rosanne Dingli

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Global launch - According to Luke

Well, it was worth the wait and all the hard work. Of course it was - there's nothing like the feeling an author gets when a new book hits the stores. According to Luke is well and truly launched, today March 29, 2011.

Simultaneously in eBook and paperback, BeWrite Books has set it off, with a blog entry and a front-end feature on their store front. Wow - it looks great, and people are telling me they'd love to read it. Well over 60 people queued up for the giveaway at Goodreads in the first hour. That makes me very happy.

No - you have not missed it. Entries are accepted for about a month, and a winner is drawn at random by the Goodreads Giveaways machine.

eBook sales have taken off and my publishers tell me digital sales at BeWrite have never been so good. The eclipse is happening this year, and According to Luke will be one of the books that prove people are preferring to read on the go.

No matter whether people choose to read this new thriller on an eReader or a paperback, the content is identical - and takes the reader on an thrilling chase. Join the star-crossed lovers as they try to solve a personal dilemma and a very threatening mysterious one. And when you do read it, I would certainly like to know your opinions.

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  1. Hey there Rosanne,
    I'm currently up to chapter 23 and am wanting to get back to it. Bummer that I have to do stuff all day. ;-)