Rosanne Dingli

Rosanne Dingli

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

How important are an author's fans?

Jacqueline holding Death in Malta
Readers can make an author feel rather special. When someone really enjoys one of my novels they write to say so. Some write reviews and post them in the usual places. It's flattering and very satisfying to make readers happy they bought one of my books.

Authors become attached to their novels, and when readers praise them, they can carry that happy feeling around with them for days. It's because a novel takes a long time to write, edit, and produce. Publishers like to know that the books they invest in and endorse gather a following for them and the author, without whom their business would not exist. An author does not live or work in a bubble: there is an entourage of people whose input is important and who are happy when a book is a success.

So fans are a vital aspect of a writer's life. They confirm that all that work, all that investment of time, money and energy are worth while. When an author receives a picture from a happy fan who has just received a brand new novel, it is an event. I have just received a photo from a reader who was delighted that Death in Malta reached her so quickly after she ordered it. Jacqueline happens to be in Holland, where I enjoy a very nice readership - the Dutch are great readers, in a number of languages, including English of course.

What can readers do for the authors they like? Well, Jacqueline has shown that a photo speaks louder than words. Even a two-word comment on a blog can make someone's day. It only takes a minute. A brief review can be easy to write. A recommendation to another reader is valuable. They are all small gestures that can make a lot of difference.

Make an author feel special today.
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  2. I couldn't agree more about readers, Rosanne. They're wonderful. I've had letters that make me beam all day, and I love giving talks and getting feedback.

  3. What lovely way to share enjoyment of a book. If I hadn't already read and enjoyed it I would certainly feel it was worth looking for.

  4. Jaime, Anna, Helen - it's what we all write for, isn't it? The knowledge that readers (known and unknown) are out there having a lovely read and really enjoying it. So much, that they willingly come back for more.

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