Rosanne Dingli

Rosanne Dingli

Monday, April 8, 2013

Pre-release interviews

Everything's in place for release of my new novel in July 2013.

To gather momentum, bloggers and others have started to grant me interviews.

See what Ruth Jacobs asked me here:

RUTH JACOBS interviews Rosanne Dingli at In the Booth with Ruth.

And what Nick Wale's questions were here:

NICK WALE interviews Rosanne Dingli and calls it Plain Truth.

It's always all about the next release or the last release, isn't it?


  1. Such a tease, Rosanne! Of course, we know the plot will be enthralling, the setting fascinating, the characters and their preoccupations beautifully detailed. But what clues about the content of the novel can we find here? Mmmm ... there on the cover we see a curtain drawn to reveal the manuscript of Stille Nacht, or at least a song beginning with the same melodic phrase ... Oh, bring on the release!

  2. Only another couple of months to wait, Stephen. Your musical knowledge is amazing. You are much closer to guessing than anyone else.

  3. Now this really is a teaser! I like that!

    Very original, Rosanne!