Rosanne Dingli

Rosanne Dingli

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

What do I sell you, when I sell you a book?

When you buy a book from me, you get much more than just a story.
The story is always there of course - we all know that people love the concept of narrative, so my stories are well thought-out and crafted. A lot can be wrapped up in a story.

What does Rosanne Dingli wrap up inside her stories?

My stories are  built on a lifetime of reading, listening to music, painting, collecting, and travel. Each of my experiences, however small or insignificant, eventually finds a place inside a narrative. Inside my novels, short stories, and novellas - even inside my poems - readers find what I have lived. It is not directly put down as a word-for-word memoir, because it's fiction ... it's made up.

But nothing comes from nothing. It's all reconstructed material from my life. All the music I have listen to, all the books I have read, all the pictures I have looked at and painted, all the places I have visited. Plane and train rides, and sea voyages, car drives - they eventually emerge to play a part. Locations are so important in my stories many readers say they seem like characters.

The books I have read since childhood - all have their influence, and it resurfaces to affect the story as it's written. There are also books read specifically for a story - the research I undertake is always intense and takes longer than the writing itself.

What are you really buying?

When you buy one of my books, you buy a story that grew out of a past, out of an amazing education that did not stop when I finished school, out of a series of jobs I've held down, people I have met, and food I have eaten. When a character in one of my stories eats something, or goes somewhere, or puts on a garment, or lifts a phone for a conversation, you can bet I have witnessed it before, either in person or through my reading.

You are buying my travels, my reading pleasure, my education, my realizations, my mistakes, my sensations, my pauses, my hopes and wishes, and my work. But it's all wrapped up in heart-felt stories of action, adventure, thrills and spills.

Thank you for sharing the experience.

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  1. In other words you write about life.

    1. Yes, Mari - I do, MY life. And I guess I sell an amalgamation of its weight and volume!

    2. Perhaps the best artists--whether visual, literary, musical or any other type--are best known by digesting their works.

  2. A book that has so much of the author in it is always best in my opinion. Events, things you've seen, heard, feel....are all part of a great story.

    I can't wait to work with you...I know you'll bring your knowledge to the table to make my story the best it can be...!

  3. The best authors draw from every aspect of their life experience. Very well put, Rosanne!

  4. That's so true. I think the authors with the most life experiences make the best writers.

  5. Well said, Rosanne!

    Who we are goes into what we write.