Rosanne Dingli

Rosanne Dingli

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

A reader's dilemma solved

Choosing a really good read is becoming increasingly difficult. You know how it is - the more choices you face, the tougher it is to decide.

Today's book market is teeming with an abundance of offerings. New authors are coming on at the rate of hundreds a month. In the time it takes a reader to finish one novel, another two dozen are added to the choices for the next selection.

No matter what readers' favourite genres are, everyone can be safely reassured there will be plenty for them to read in it, forever. It is safe to say stock will never be depleted. One might read everything a particular author has written, but moving to an author with similar themes, style, subject matter, and tone is not difficult any more. The market always provides something similar, slightly divergent, or totally innovative. Of that we can be sure.

There is no shortage of books. That's a wild understatement. The reader's dilemma, then, is to pick and choose amongst the plethora of available material. How is one to be assured of quality and interest with every choice? That is the question.

- One way is to join a newsletter that supplies links to new releases.
- Another is to scour reviews to find like-minded readers who can recommend good entertainment.
- Yet another is to keep an ear to the ground for new books no one yet has noticed, and be the one to announce a great discovery.

Finding a new author whose writing is great, whose genre is yours, whose stories and characters are sound ... well, it's like finding gold. Reading everything an author has to offer becomes a must, and waiting for a new release becomes exciting, something to look forward to.

It's ideal to have two or three prolific authors on a reading list: they are sure to provide reading matter at a reading rate that's comfortable; for one's wallet, for the capacity of one's reading device, or space on one's already groaning book shelves.

If you are an avid reader, tell us how you make your reading choices.
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