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Rosanne Dingli

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Vision or Delusion - my favourite eBook

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Have I ever written about Vision or Delusion? It is a historical novella I wrote quite a long time ago. Writing novellas was a good transition between writing short fiction and authoring long novels, which is what I do now.
I like researching history, especially when it relates to places: location is a big motivator for this writer! When we go to Europe, we invariably return with art and history books from the cities we visit. A large format book about photography in Belgium set my creative juices flowing.
The result was a novella of about 10,300 words, which took an awful long time to write, when I think of it now. But I enjoyed every minute.
Now, I have created a PDF download of the book, and put it up for sale on my website. This is purely an experiment: I would like to see how I do as a 'merchant'. It took quite a bit of tweaking and HTML creaking to get what I wanted, but I feel it looks good and should work. It feels entrepreneurial, and the thought of a direct interface with my readers is something that suggests immediacy and authenticity.
What I hope is that this little novella will show another side of me and my writing to my fans. It is a whole different style of writing: literary fiction necessarily demands another tone. Perhaps comments will come tumbling in.
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  1. Good for you Rosanne. E-books are fairly popular and seem to be doing fair right about now. One thing I'd suggest is offering excerpts before purchase which might help entice a few who are on the fence. Hint hint.

  2. I agree with Paul about excerpts :)

    I'm about to write and e-pub a couple of novellas myself, but I'm offering them for free, as a way to interest readers in my future novels.

    Novellas are fun, and a great way to tell a complex story without the time commitment of a novel.

  3. Thank you for visiting!
    @Paul: I shall put an excerpt on my site. Good idea.
    @Merrilee: you are so right. I might write a few more!

  4. This post was very inspiring to me as a writer! My colleague was just telling me how I need to get into the ebook market and self-publishing. I didn't know you could sell your own stories in pdf format! I feel like I could learn a lot from you, thank you so much!

  5. Thank you Monique - there are many things you can do to make your reading public aware of your writing.