Rosanne Dingli

Rosanne Dingli

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What it feels like to be interviewed

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Most writers know publicity and promotion are part and parcel of what one does to make readers aware of books they have written. Many authors go on tour, guided by a publicist; appear at literary festivals; give talks at libraries; hold signings at sales of their new books, and so forth.

Being interviewed is one of the things that happens. Submitting to an interviewer's questions can be nerve-wracking if one has never done it before. I find it fun - and it makes me think about writing processes and how my writing life has gone so far in a bit more depth than if I was never asked. When I have to think before framing an answer, it makes me reflect on how hard I have worked on some things... and how much more work is necessary to tie some other things up!

So far, while promoting my forthcoming thriller According to Luke, I have been interviewed by publicist Cathryn Isakson, whose very popular blog, Novel (Book) Expectations is visited by authors, readers and all those with some interest in publishing. 

A visit to Cathryn's blog will give readers an idea of my writing life so far. Enjoy !

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  1. Rosanne - I think it is a condition of being a real author, and something that many aspiring to that title would be a little jealous about. You must have earned it!
    Redesigned site looks great BTW.

  2. Well - thanks, shanegenziuk ! It's all so exciting when one has a book about to be released. I felt a more 'together' site was warranted.

  3. I read your website bio, and I concur with your conclusion You are definitely a creative eclectic; in fact, an amazing one! I look forward to exploring your website and blog. We share many similar passions.

  4. jodeeluna: I take that as a real compliment, thank you. I hope you find enough variety to satisfy that side of you.

  5. Rosseann - this is interesting because I am pushing the idea of a series of interviews on my blog ( about triathletes, cyclists, swimmers, runners, nutritionists, dieticians, massage therapists and just about anybody that would be interested in being interviewed.

    In doing this I realize that there would be excitement but not about what it means to the person being interviewed to this level. We enter races to be competitive and do our best and not to be interviewed so I wonder if it means even more to those that I am appraoching.

    That will lead to another series of questions.

    Thanks for the post.

  6. Jason - it sounds like sport and fitness to me! Something you won't easily find on my blog. Perhaps all readers should visit yours for that.