Rosanne Dingli

Rosanne Dingli

Monday, June 27, 2011

End of Financial Year Sale

A receipt obtained in a Walgreens, featuring a...                                                                     Image via WikipediaIn a few days, the financial year comes to an end for many around the globe. This announces the necessity of filling in a tax return and the great paperchase that fills the middle of each Winter in this house. Some words become taboo. "Don't say receipts! Mum will have a fit."

I do realize this is not the only household in which the end of the year becomes a rather frantic time of totting up, rounding off, calculating, reconciling, and searching for that vital but missing piece of the fiscal puzzle. It is a rather lonely pursuit, though - it's not possible to phone a friend, or put your unreconciled balance on FB and ask for support and help.

To celebrate and console, then, I am holding a sale. No - I am not selling Grandma's candlesticks in an effort to adjust the balance. I am holding an ebook sale to cheer everyone up who has a break in the grand receipt search, to have a nice fortifying cup or glass of something, and a relaxing read.

Rosanne Dingli's books
All my collections of short stories in ebook form have been reduced to a ridiculous but very affordable $1.99 ... Yes - you too can download one or two and either put them away for later or enjoy them on the spot. Your Kindle will thank you for it.

And remember - you do not need a Kindle appliance to take advantage of this crazy offer. You can download Kindle for PC and read it all on your computer. Or Kindle for your phone. Or your Mac.

I am enjoying this little caper, and can't wait to hear your comments. Remember - don't mention receipts.

And many happy tax returns to you!

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